inkWelcome to Benedict Creative Communications, the business home of Creative Director Ben Benedict: With a lifetime of storytelling, Benedict Creative Communications is a multi-faceted writing and public relations solutions firm. Services offered are based on over 30 years of professional development in a wide variety of sectors including agriculture, defense, health care, education, business, and nonprofit development with an insightful focus on Ontario’s creative culture and the arts sector.

That a lot of interest and experience but that’s who Creative Director Ben Benedict is, a diverse and creative talent who brings a lifetime of professionalism and exceptional accomplishment to any project. Add to this exceptional leadership skills and a broad base of professional contacts, and you quickly see how this self-motivated, engaged networker, and ‘outside the box’ strategic visionary who has never missed a deadline can be a valuable asset to your project’s objectives.

Regardless of the business you are in, well-written documents set you apart from the crowd. Whether you need marketing or web content, forms or brochures designed, media releases, or even a full public relations campaign developed, Benedict Creative Communications’ can help build effective solutions, and a professional image in each and every document for your business. Ben Benedict provides your publication, presentation, or project with well written documents that are accurate and flow well when read. We take your needs seriously with in-depth research and time invested interviews to deliver a comprehensive and accurate document that meet your organizational needs. Your business is my business and as a professional, I take both seriously.

If you’re serious about your business, and are looking to work with a professional who can share your passion in reaching your organizational objectives then contact Ben Benedict and Benedict Creative Communications to discuss your budget options. We welcome your proposal and look forward to serving your organizational and creative needs.

Thank you for choosing Benedict Creative Communications.

Benedict Creative Communications:

keyboardBenedict Creative Communications was founded in 2005 to reflect the professional achievements and contemporary business realities of founder Ben Benedict. At Benedict Creative Communications, we create value added writing and public relations solutions that assist you in achieving your business development objective through clearly focused communications and outreach strategies. We work with a variety of qualified and leading professional graphic designers, web developers, printers, other professionals and associations to ensure you have a good fit for your campaign and a great value for your investment.

Our corporate colours of green and orange were selected specifically to reflect our core values and characteristics. In the True Colours® Personality Test, green reflects vision and intelligence while orange is the creative problem solver. Likewise in design, green is calming, refreshing and creates a feeling of comfort while orange stimulates the senses while inspiring and energizing.

At Benedict Creative Communications, we use words and language like colours. We use vision and intelligence to resolve your professional communication needs in an inspiring way. Our effective use of language creates a professionally crafted, consistent, and a result orientated communications message and image for your business, publication, or event. Whether you need administrative, creative, public relations, or marketing materials for your organization, together we can help ensure your message captivates your audience with the right result for your needs.

In Canada and throughout the world, words and language are used to portray emotions, images, and ideas. Your business cannot afford to present its core values and objectives poorly. At Benedict Creative Communications we strive to put your best interest forward in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Past clients include business and business professionals, sporting organizations, cultural groups and individual artists, nonprofit organizations, and a Member of Parliament.

Our business is built upon the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect. We welcome your proposal and look forward to serving your organizational and creative needs. To discuss your project contact Ben Benedict by email at info @ bcreative.ca and Thank You for choosing Benedict Creative Communications.

Ben Benedict:

penBen Benedict is a recognized cultural leader and consultant within London and throughout South-western Ontario.

Ben Benedict has been a professional writer since 1993, a career and lifestyle goal made while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces and following receipt of the Grade 12 English award. Since then his writing talents have continued to grow having written on a variety of topics and sectors with an experienced focus as a business writer, journalist, critic, editor; visual artist, curator; nonprofit / cultural consultant and advocate; public relations and corporate communications educator and professional.

As a testament to Ben Benedict’s marketing, communications, and public relations skills, he currently teaches the Introduction to Public Relations and Corporate Communications (PBRL-6011) and an advance class, Specializations in Public Relations (PBRL-6013) through Continuing Education at Fanshawe College (Employee Number 0009297) and has since 2011.

Noted for his exceptional compassionate, insightful, and personal approach to interviewing, he has also been recognized by the Professional Writers’ Association of Canada as one of London’s leading writers with well over 1,000 publishing credits including writing for magazines, newspapers, specialty publications, marketing content, and broadcast media.

He is also a talented Visual Artist and Curator with an extensive exhibition history throughout South-western Ontario. To view samples and learn more visit benbenedict.ca.

As an innovative, independent-thinking team-player, he believes in constant career development and giving back through mentoring and volunteering. In 2012, he was recognized by the London Community Foundation as an ‘influential’ Londoner for his ongoing community commitment and activism as well as a Trail Blazer by Pride London Festival, an organization he helped co-found based on his years of developing and supporting diversity and culture within London.

As owner of Benedict Creative Communications, a writing/editing and public relations firm, he continues to take on increasingly challenging roles and creative opportunities while developing his skills and reputation as a professional.