Portfolio & Testimonials

Writing & Publishing Feedback:

Len Montague, Perspective Marketing Inc. – Commercial Property Perspective 2012-2013:

“This was the first Commercial Real Estate publication which is now the template for other editions spanning out to Perspective’s 30 municipalities they currently work in.This will now become an annual guide for each municipality allowing Perspective to expand its publishing operations within regions across Ontario and Western Canada. The copy was well written and all participating partners were very impressed with the writing, layout, and design of this piece. All editorial was posted online. Our office received several requests for copies to be sent to the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Hamilton Business Improvement Area and eight branches of the Royal Bank. Web traffic spiked as distribution of printed piece was shipped. To date over 30 tours have been confirmed as a direct result of an investor seeing a property within our guide. A further bonus of 100 copies went to Germany on a trade-show with the Mayor of Hamilton.This is a niche publication that receives seed money from each new edition it produces.”

Writing & Publishing Feedback:

January 13, 2014

Dear Mr. Benedict,

I want to thank you for your wonderful work for Vanier on the program manual, The RAP-TAP Program. You took a real interest in our program for children ages 6 to 12 years who have a high risk for fire and police involvement, and the final product went beyond our expectations. You not only worked closely with the seven member project team and reviewed our extensive documentation, but you also conducted additional literature searches on your own. You integrated over thirty tables and charts, the program logic model, and even children’s art work into an easy-to-read 98-page document that provides service providers with the history of the program, its theoretical background, the evidence that it works, and the materials they would need to start a similar program in their own organizations.

In additional to an excellent final product, I appreciated the process of working with you. I felt that we had a strong working relationship as a team. I liked your ideas about how to approach the project and how to organize the content.  As the work progressed, we were able to adapt to the unexpected.  I am very pleased with the look of the final manual.

Vanier will certainly keep you in mind if we have similar work in the future.


Dr. Jeff Carter, Psychologist
Coordinator of Continuous Quality Improvement, Vanier Children’s Services

Writing & Publishing Feedback:

I have been an acquaintance of Mr. Benedict on a business level for approximately two years. Most of Ben’s work consists of creative articles which are published within TRENDZ Magazine (London). The feedback which I have received from his articles has been very positive. Many readers have informed me that they read my publication for Ben’s articles.

I have many capable contributors on my team but I find Mr. Benedict to be one of the best because of his ability to create interesting articles which capture readers’ attention. In order for any organization to succeed key team players are needed and Ben fits in exceedingly well. My Editor in Chief enjoys editing Mr. Benedict’s articles because they are usually very well done and his style of writing meshes nicely into what we are trying to achieve.

If ever ideas are needed for an article Mr. Benedict seems to generate a solution quickly and effectively. Ben is an honest and professional person. His no-nonsense approach makes him a delight to work with. His good nature brings about positive altitudes and creates a healthy work environment. I have no hesitation in providing Ben with this letter of recommendation and I am certain that he would be a great asset to anyone who employs him.

Robin C. Wilkinson, President, EXCEL Promotions Group

Writing & Publishing Feedback:

“What an absolute pleasure to have been associated with Ben Benedict during the development and publication of a recent story regarding business at the London International Airport. It is actually refreshing to work with a reporter who has an obvious interest in learning and developing the best story without strict time restraints or numbers of words in a juggled article.”

S. J. Baker, President & C.E.O. London International Airport
Received via Email by Phil McLeod, Editor, Sun Media’s The Londoner, 2008

Public Relations & Community Development

“Ben was able to see how these events impacted on the capacity of the organization and was able to connect the dots between the work he was undertaking in his role and the work of the organization in other areas. Ben is an individual with vision and would be an asset to an organization who requires a visionary in their midst. Ben is a very creative person and had a perfect attendance record during his contract with us. Ben was able to effectively communicate about Pillar – Voluntary Sector Network with representatives of the community who had not yet heard of us and was often successful at recruiting new interest in our work through these contacts.”

Beth De Long, Executive Director, Pillar – Voluntary Sector Network, 2004

Public Relations & Community Development

In July 2011 following an A-TV new item with former media personality Janice Zolf, Sheila Simpson, Program Manager at Ontario Trillium Foundation sent me a personal message via Linked In (Date: 7/14/2011, Subject: Good Interview Ben) stating “Hey Ben – nice piece on the news tonight about the opening of the Pride Art Show – you did a great job,” illustrating the depth of my relationships with media and funders within the region.

Teaching Testimonials & Feedback:

PBRL-6011-20LC, Introduction to Public Relations & Communications, Winter 2013 (F12CEL)

“Very Knowledgeable throughout the course. This is a guy who knows his field and performs well, ex. Michael Jordan teaching you basketball. Focuses on hands-on, which is ideal for this class and course. Overall, I had a great term, thank you Ben!”

Teaching Testimonials & Feedback:

PBRL-6011-20LC, Introduction to Public Relations & Communications, Winter 2013 (W13CE)

“This was by far the most enjoyable one I have taken through Fanshawe. Ben has a true passion to teach, and is one of the most ethical people I have met. A CREDIT to his industry!”

Past Clients include:
ID Magazine, Guelph ON
Scene Magazine, London ON
The Londoner, London ON
Lake Erie Lifestyle Magazine, Erie PA 
The Beat Magazine, London ON
Eat drink Magazine, London ON
ArtSCAPE Magazine, London ON
XTRA Magazine, Toronto ON
Perspective Marketing, Oakville ON
London Free Press, London ON
Vanier Children Services, London ON

 Additional Clients:

  • London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium
  • IT World Canada (ITBuisness.ca)
  • Interrobang Fanshawe’s Student Voice, London, ON
  • AbOUT Magazine, Toronto, ON and Buffalo, NY;
  • Q Magazine, London;
  • Outlooks Magazine, Calgary
  • Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
  • The Brush and Palette Club, London, ON
  • Chatham-Kent: Community & Client Services Department
  • Disaster Recovery Institute of Canada
  • Ed Holder, MP London-West
  • Parents of Technologically Dependent Children
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network
  • The United Way of London & Middlesex